Archive Song: Eminem – Hellbound ft. J-Black & Masta Ace



“Hellbound” is a song by Eminem, featuring J-Black and Masta Ace and produced by Dj Rob and Domingo. Even though it is Eminem’s song, the track was included in Ace’s album “Hits U Missed,” released in 2004. The song itself was recorded around 1999-2000.


All three rappers in this track agree that if you know you’re going to hell, you can’t get even more doomed. Might as well enjoy the rest of your life. Fitting the theme of the Game Over album, this beat samples the theme song to the fighting game Soul Calibur.


As you might know, Masta Ace was one of the biggest Eminem’s influences when growing up. Few days ago Em rapped Ace’s “Symphony,” and thanked him for being an inspiration. Now check out them both spitting fire on “Hellbound” below: