Archive Song: Obie Trice – “We All Die One Day” ft. Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent & Eminem



“We All Die One Day” is a song by Obie Trice, featuring Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Eminem and Tony Yayo on the intro, off Obie’s album Cheers, released in 2003.


The song is fully produced by Eminem, who spits one of the killer verses but it’s really hard to say who killed the song ’cause Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent both went in. The beat, the chorus and fire verses makes the song one of the most underrated collaborations from Shady Records.


Eminem again warns everybody not to fuck with Shady Records: “G-Unit, D12 and Obie we all move like assassins… Shady Records you better believe the hype is real. This is no joke.”


Meanwhile 50 Cent warns to fear 50 just as much as you fear God, because like God, 50 cent brings death: “Fear me like you fear God cause I bring death.”


Listen to the song below: