Archive Interview: Eminem Says Scenes with Lily from “8 Mile” Reflects Relationship with Hailie



From this day Southpawer will provide not only “Archive Songs” but also “Archive Interviews” to our fans. The first archive interview that we present is from 2002. Eminem talks about “hating homosexuals,” his daughter Hailie, probation and more, with NBC Access Hollywood.


1:08 – “I can be most humble, nicest person in the world and I can be your worst enemy if you make me that way.” 


1:30 – “Media is really a motherfucker. When I first came out they really portrayed me as vicious, vile, evil person. [I’m not homophobic], Nah, no more than the next man, who’s not gay, like I said I’m cool with anybody who is cool with me.”


3:54 – “My criminal case scared me the most. It’s no joke when you standing up there… It humbles you very quickly. I walked into that courtroom like all I could think about was what am I going to say to Hailie, cause Hailie still, to this day, knows nothing about it. She does not know that I possibly could have been taken away from her… [The scenes on 8 Mile with Lily] is definitely symbolic to the way I treat Hailie. I definitely have soft spot for the kids.”


Watch the full interview below: