Archive Song: Ca$his – “Pistol Poppin'” ft. Eminem



“Pistol Poppin'” is a song by Ca$his from his solo debut EP called The County Hound, released in 2007. The EP was released to promote his planned album, The Art of Dying (which was subsequently shelved), and to bring attention to him as an artist. Eminem produced the whole album except for three songs, which he also serves as the executive producer. It sold 6,700 copies its first week of release and debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 106.


In a song Cashis, raps:

“Fuck it if you want beef, click-clack, wack rap
Tossed straps before, I’m out of here, homie
Militant in a sense, I don’t really give a shit
Call up, Eminem, I gotta plead innocent.”


In a song Eminem raps:

“I already seen two friends get shot in the head
And lay on the ground this year and, one didn’t make it
Proof, you are the truth
Please don’t let us come face to face with these boo-boo-hoo…”


Listen to the song below: