Archive Song: Jadakiss – “Welcome To D-Block” ft. Sheek, Styles P. & Eminem



The song is off Jadakiss album “Kiss Of Death,” released in 2004. Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch, the 3 members of The Lox, often shout out D-Block on their songs. It’s what they call their neighborhood in Yonkers. The term may have been coined as a reference to the maximum security wing at Alcatraz, but regardless of it’s origin, The Lox have turned D-Block into a catch-all term for a rough and scary neighborhood


Eminem drops one of his best verses in a guest-spot and gets all sing-songy on the chorus. Em references 2Pac in a song:


“D-Block the place where O.G.’s get knocked, locked up
Get out come home for a week and get re-knocked
You won’t even see cops, hip-hop police don’t even stop
On D-Block, where everybody wants to be ‘Pac
And you can get popped over the new G-Unit Reeboks.”

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Listen to the song below: