New Interview: G-Eazy Wants Eminem To Make More Movies



Rapper G Eazy has unquestionably been one of music’s breakout stars in 2016. Following up on the gold-certified promising major label debut, 2014’s These Things Happen, the aspiring rap superstar hit the top 10 on both the singles and album charts with “Me, Myself & I,” with Bebe Rexha, and When It’s Dark Out, respectively.


In a recent interview with Forbes, Eazy reveals that there is one very L.A. thing he is interested in.

“Acting definitely, I’ve auditioned for a couple of roles, that’s definitely something I want to get into. But I want to be good at it, I don’t want to do something for the world that I don’t know anything about and act like I know what I’m doing. I want to do it right, find a role that makes sense to me.”


Given his admirable work ethic and pride that have helped him reach the next level of music in 2016, he has studied musicians turned actors and has ideas on who he would like to emulate in going from vinyl to the silver screen.

“I wish Eminem would’ve made more movies cause I thought he was great in it. Ice Cube is obviously a legend, someone who’s seamlessly been great in both things.”


If you are interested in G-Eazy’s full interview visit Forbes.


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