Singtel Company Responds Fan’s Complaint in the Form of Eminem’s “Stan”



Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly abbreviated as Singtel, is a Singaporean telecommunications company, with a combined mobile subscriber base of over 600 million customers in 25 countries at end of July, 2016, making it one of the largest mobile network operators in Singapore and the 20–30 largest in the world.


Over the weekend, a day long disruption in Singtel’s broadband services left customers frustrated and angry. While complaints flooded social media, both on the group’s page and on consumers’ private pages, one user complaint particularly stood out.


Here is what the consumer said in the post:




Replying back around 9 am yesterday, in a rather unconventional manner, a Singtel social media representative named Nurul  “rapped” back to its customer, in a similar fashion, in an attempt to make peace: