Archive Interview: Jay Z Admits Eminem Was Better On “Renegade”



Majority of Hip Hop world admits that Eminem owned Jay Z on ‘Renegade,’ including Nas and Snoop Dogg but have you ever wondered what Jay Z himself thinks about it? Below is a rare interview where he talks about ‘Renegade’:


Interviewer: “Were you offended by the concept when people say ‘you got murdered by Eminem in your own shit,’ do that bother you?” 


Jay Z: “No, I think Eminem is very intelligent rapper… It’s just, when you make 4000 songs.. I’m constant collaborator, you know and… some people gonna have better days. It’s just the way it is. But if we count the amount as the competitor and if we count the amount of records that I’ve been on versus people who had better performances then it’s gonna be 400 to 3.”