YelaWolf Annotates the Lyrics of “Shadows”



“Shadows” is the second single from YelaWolf’s forthcoming album Trial By Fire, featuring Nashville artist Joshua Hedley.


The Alabama artists delivers a country-inspired record that finds him reflecting on his haunted past. He explained some of the lyrics on Genius:


About the song:

“This song is about becoming your childhood fear. A criminal.”


Line: “Nightmares in my sleep, the Sandman is coming.”

“I picked the Sandman probably because of heavy metal. To me it’s the darkest of sleep demons.”


Line: “Ozzy and Black Sabbath, the vinyl is skippin'”

“Ozzy Osbourne had a poster as a white werewolf that used to scare the shit out of me. I relate to Ozzy and Black Sabbath to the bikers and the memories of time.”


Line: “Spit, cuss, and I yell, it’s like a one-sided quarter, ‘Cause I’m only heads up, no matter which way you flip it.”

“The one sided quarter is my gamble with whiskey. There is no gamble. Only one outcome.”


Listen to the song below: