Archive: The Game – “We Ain’t” ft. Eminem



“We Ain’t” is the song by The Game, featured and produced by Eminem for Game’s legendary album The Documentary. Game said the following to Complex Magazine:


“I flew to 8 Mile and we went and got it in. I went to work with Eminem for like five days. He had 5 beats he made me. I rapped on all of them and we recorded like 4 or 5 joints, but that was the best joint. [We have songs in the vault], not in my vault though.”


Eminem comes in the studio & he looks like a guy that can’t rap at all. He just chills with some sweats on, Jordans, a hat, and a jacket or a hoodie or something. Then he comes in with more Taco Bell then the law allows man. Fucking, Taco Supremes & Mountain Dew. And he listens, “How you feeling? You like this joint? Alright, do ya thing.”


Then he goes off in the corner and starts spitting like he’s in a cypher. If you look at him, you’d think there’s 5 other dudes spitting with him like he’s in a real cypher, but it’s just him. He writes in circles on the paper. He literally turns the paper man and writes from the inside outside, some weird shit. Em [added the samples in the hook]. Every voice on there is him. He’s like Eddie Murphy and shit. Eminem can do anything. Dude is a genius.”