Eminem Promotes 50 Cent’s “Power” for People’s Choice Awards | Fifty Shows Love on Instagram



People’s Choice Awards 2017 announced its final nominees on November 15 and with more than 125 million votes cast, it’s safe to say the fans have definitely spoken. With a whopping 64 categories, People’s Choice Awards 2017 promises to be one for the books… 50 Cent’s POWER is up for Favorite Premium Drama Series nomination against
Homeland, House of Cards, Narcos and Orange is the New Black and Eminem wants you to vote for POWER!





50 Cent responded Eminem on Instagram: “Do you see why I love EM, he don’t have to do nothing for me but has done everything. He been in my corner since I first met him. SMH #STILLMYFAVROITEWHITEBOY after all these years.”