Eminem’s “Infinite” Will Be Available on iTunes & Spotify Tonight For the First Time Ever



In 1996, Eminem released Infinite, his decidedly inauspicious solo debut. The 24-year-old rapper had spent the past several years bouncing around Detroit, honing his craft in local crews and short-lived groups such as Soul Intent, and hanging out at the Hip-Hop Shop, a weekly club night later made famous in the 2002 movie 8 Mile. Then, Eminem was discovered by Jeff and Mark Bass, two producers who built a modest reputation with hip-house remixes of pop acts like Madonna and the B-52’s, and performing as part of George Clinton’s sprawling P-Funk empire. Dazzled by Eminem’s talent, the Funky Bass Brothers decided to launch a new record label, Web Entertainment, to showcase his raw potential. Infinite flopped, selling less than a few hundred copies. However, the project helped lay the groundwork for Eminem’s career and original vinyl pressings now trade for thousands of dollars.


To find out, they applied the same treatment they used as co-producers on subsequent Eminem hits like “Lose Yourself,” and replayed much of the Infinite material with live instruments and no samples. The new remixes of some Infinite tracks will appear on digital services and, soon, limited-edition 7-inch singles. Meanwhile listen to it on Youtube below:


Here is the new documentary about the “Infinite” !