Hopsin Shares New Eminem Tattoo on His Leg



Today’s one of the talented rappers, Hopsin continues to show respect to his biggest influence, Eminem. As you might know, Hopsin in one of the biggest Eminem’s fan. There are several interviews in the recent interviews where Hopsin talks Eminem’s influence:


“Eminem, he was the one I wanted to be like when I heard this music, I’m like, ‘man, this dude, I relate to him a lot.’ He was my role model. That was the rapper that stood out more than any other rapper in the rap game. I didn’t even like rap that much until he came in the scene.”

“I’m always going to love Eminem, no matter what he does, even if he puts out something that is not that good I’m still going to love it. His music made an impact on my life and definitely plays a big part of who I’m today.”


And now he has Emiem’s tattoo on his leg with “Lose Yourself” captioned on it. Check the Facebook post below: