YelaWolf Wants to Produce for Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Future



As Yelawolf gets set for his next album, due in early 2017, he tells Forbes that he is also getting ready to make a big splash in other mediums, like film and retail. While on tour, he spoke with Steve Baltin about his new retail space in Nashville, how he’ll balance being an entrepreneur and musician in 2017, why he likes to release so much material leading up to an album, how he connects to fans and his production desires:


Baltin: Who would be your dream people to produce now?

Yelawolf: I picture myself old, silver hair doing something really rad for someone really young. If I could step into a booth and produce a project on someone right now that already has an amazing career it would be Eminem, Anthony Kiedis and Hank III, also Kendrick Lamar, please. Kendrick and Future cause I’m a Future fanatic.


You can read the full interview here.