Skylar Grey Might Be Hinting for Music Video of “Kill For You,” ft. Eminem with this Instagram Post



Lots of rumors are spreading around the web about Skylar Grey having the music video of “Kill For You,” featuring Eminem, on the way. It is confirmed that the song is a single off her newly released album Natural Causes. So there is really high possibility of Eminem and Sky to team up for the video clip.


Couple of days ago Skylar posted a picture on Instagram with the lyrics of “Kill For You,” hashtaging Eminem. “You don’t know just how far I’d be willing to go… you put the CRACKS into my moral CODE.” #killforyou ft. @eminem #naturalcauses #music. 


This might be a random post or it might be a hint to the music video. Nothing is confirmed yet so do not have high hopes. You can check the Instagram post below: