Rick Ross References Eminem & Donald Trump in One Sentence in the New Music Video



Rick Ross releases the music video of “Free Enterprise,” off “Black Market” album. In the song, Officer Ricky references Eminem:


“Inmates gave me commissary just because I’m famous
Or is it cause’ I’m rich and I know what pain is?
Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman
Now accept these words as they came from Eminem”


In an interview with Rolling Stone Ross explained this line:

Rolling Stone: You say, “Now accept these words as if they came from Eminem.” Do you think he gets away with saying things that other rappers would get criticized for?

Ross: I think that’s a huge possibility. That’s why I said that line, so maybe this question would come up. But I’m not really into a white-black race card. Some of my best friends are white.


Watch the video below. He references Eminem at 2:35