Vince Staples Says Eminem’s Nike Air Force 1 Collaboration Is “Horribly Trash”



Yesterday, Complex caught up with Long Beach rapper Vince Staples for a chat at Nike’s Air Force 1 space at ComplexCon. They quickly ran through a variety of topics, including Vince ditching hyped up Nikes for Chuck Taylors, Adidas’ recent surge in the industry and rapper collaborations. While discussing the latter, Vince was presented with a few rare gems from Nike’s grail wall and had a surprising take on Eminem’s collab from 2004.


“See, now this one is trash. It’s horrible. It’s ugly as fuck. It’s ugly as shit,” said Staples about the “Shady Records” colorway. He did, however, offer praise for the work Eminem has done on the Air Jordan 4.


Doubling down on his comments, Staples implied that Em’s Forces had to be designed during his du-rag era, which is an entirely accurate assessment. See what else he had to say in the video below: