WATCH: Lad Raps Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” at German’s Got Talent 2016 and FAILS



Rappers do not have an easy situation at Got Talents . Candidate Adrian Clemens wants to try anyway. “Many say I have the talent to do so, but I’ve never played before,” says the 15-year-old before his performance. Adrian’s stage premiere, however, starts a bit bumpy. Dieter Bohlen’s reaction: He sends out the rapper to enter again.


The second experiment runs better. After a short small talk with the boss jury, Adrian presents his two rap songs “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and the self-composition “No Success”. Unfortunately he failed to rap “Lose Yourself.”
Bruce Darnell summarizes, “I was really surprised, the second time you went off like a rocket, I think you did the damn very well, I’ll give you that, I think you have talent.” Victoria Swarovski says the same thing: “You have a cool voice, you mean what you say, so it comes at least well.”


Dieter Bohlen is also baffled by Adrian’s performance and, above all, his voice: “You really do not sound like 15. Minimum I thought 28 or 30 – never 15. You have a voice like a bear. You were good on the beat, everything was great. ”


Watch the performance below:



You can watch the full performance here.


Lots of people rapped “Lose Yourself” successfully in the similar shows. You can watch them all below and tell us which is your favorite!