Teen Says She Believes Eminem Is Her Father at The Dr. Phil Show


A teen girl says she believes her father is the Eminem. But her mother says she is “delusional” and a “compulsive liar.”:


– Did you tell people that Eminem is your father

– Yes I did actually, yes I did.

– Is he your father?

– I’m not sure. My mom has a pictures of a guy who looks like just like Eminem. I’m not even kidding. Looks just like Eminem. I’m sitting on his lap and everything.

– So, you have told people that Eminem is your father

– Yes there is a picture of me and him, when I was little. It’s on my Facebook.

– Do you really believe he is your father?

– Oh yes I do.


Ohh  man, I’m tired of writing this bullshit, so better watch the video below…… She talks about Hailie too