New Interview | B-Real of Cypress Hill: “On my top 5 list, Eminem is always #1”

B-Real and Sen Dog of legendary Cypress Hill have recently set down with SiriusXM Shade 45 radios station, where they talked about Eminem.

“I know you get your ask when people ask ‘what’s your top five MC.’ On my top five, Eminem is always number one. And that’s not because I’m t this radio station. You can check any interview when they ask me this. It’s always tie between KRS-One and Eminem, on my top five, as the number one. This 3 A.M. joint is the beast type of song.” B-Real

“Em is definitely on my top five for sure and like I said Tupac is on there. Definitely Eminem, the day I heard him I was like ‘damn this kid is incredible.’ Destroyed everything that I thought a rapper should be, or could be or would be. His approach, his ability…Down with Eminem since day one and 3 A.M. is one of his banger songs to me.” Sen Dog

Then they told a little story at the Anger Management Tour with Eminem. You can listen to the full interview below: