‘Shade 45’ Was Launched 12 Years Ago Today, Here Is Eminem’s First Freestyle on His Own Channel



Today, exactly 12 years ago (October 28, 2004), Eminem launched his own uncut hip-hop channel Shade 45 on SiriusXM Radio. Below is the first ever promotional freestyle by Eminem on his own radio station. Em raps:


“This is Shady
And we gonna pump, pump the fuck out our own shit
From 50, Obie, Twizzy, Stat Quo
And we won’t quit fuckin’ you up
And we can keep sayin’ fuckin’ you up
Even till the FCC sayin’ shut this dude up
Duck tape a his mouth a do somethin’
Quick fucka do fuck poppa do pop
Skippy dippy pop shit bitch asshole you son of a bitch! Chinga tu madre!
I start drama all day hemm delala
Comin’ across your scanners it’s the brand new station
Shade 45, motherfuckin’ Slim Shady bitch and Green Lantern
Shady in the place to be, see
And it takes what I got to rock the mic right
And that was a freestyle too bitch so suck my dick if you do not like”

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