Former KKK Leader David Duke Responds Eminem’s “Campaign Speech,” Defends Donald Trump



Eminem, seemingly out of the blue, dropped a banger today — and a politically-charged one at that.


His new track, titled “Campaign Speech,” was fittingly released hours before third and final presidential debate (October 19). Throughout the eight-minute-long track, he ruthlessly attacks Donald Trump and supporters of the candidate’s platform.


While many took to Twitter to discuss the song’s impact, particularly musing about how it may be ironic or problematic for supporters of Trump to remain fans of the white rapper, one person in particular, who just so happens to be the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, decided to sound off with an anti-Eminem rant of his own.


David Duke, who currently is running for a seat in the Louisiana senate, offered his opinion of the song without holding back:

“Eminem is a puppet of [manager] Paul Rosenberg and [Interscope co-founder] Jimmy Iovine,” Duke wrote, using three parentheses, which is known for being an anti-Semitic marker used to draw attention to members of the Jewish faith. “For years Eminem has been poisoning the minds of our youth. #rigged.”


It’s no surprise that Eminem’s new song would put a sour taste in the mouth of a former leader and affiliate of the KKK. You can check his tweet below:


You can also check the tweets from angry Trump supporters below: