18 hours ago, Eminem broke internet with his new 8 minutes freestyle, dissing Donald Trump and his supporters and rapping about police brutality. Yesterday we provided some of the great Twitter reactions. Now lets see how YouTubers have reacted to “Campaign Speech.”


Channel: Jeff Is Legit 

“This is why I consider Eminem number one on my list…These people are coming here, saying Eminem fell off… I’m like, are you retarded? Are you actually sitting down the computer, are you wearing your headphones correctly? Because his lyricism is perfection! It’s freaking perfection!”



Channel: IsTalkCheap

“Man, I need more IQ to understand this s**t” 


Channel: SemajTV

“Dude, that s**t, Oh my God! Fire! What the f**k?!”


Chanel: Valentino Reacts

“Yo Em is crazy man, this is why Eminem is so great, his flow, his style is so unique. Bro, Em is the truth. I need to listen to this hundred more times.”



“OH MY GOD, Greatest of all time, my opinion!” 


Channel: LaShoota

“He’s one of the greatest, one of the GOATs. And this track, Eminem did this damn thing man.”