Skylar Grey releases new song “Kill For You,” featuring Eminem, off her new album Natural Causes. Please support the artists and get the song on iTunes FIRST or stream it on Apple Music! You can stream, download and read the lyrics below:


“The first time I wrote a rap was actually a song called ‘Lemonade.’ The rap version of the song isn’t coming out but the early version of it was my first real attempt at rap and of course I didn’t know if it was any good,” Skylar tells HipHopDX in an exclusive conversation. “I sent [the verse] to the one person I knew [I could] get great advice from – I sent it to Eminem, – and I was like ‘Tell me if I should ever rap again.’ And he actually called me and said that I should keep going and keep trying cause he didn’t hate it. So he kinda gave me a little confidence and a little boost to keep trying and keep going for it,” she added.


“I really dove into rapping in the last two years. [It was] totally out of my comfort zone at first but I like to always push myself to the limit so I just said ‘Okay I’m gonna rap,’ and it worked out. I did “Wreak Havoc” for the Suicide Squad movie which was the first rap song I’ve ever released,” noted Skylar. “All the rappers I’ve worked with have influenced me in a way. It’s always amazing to me how many words and punchlines they can fit into a verse. They can really tell a story. That’s why I wanted to rap in the first place. I don’t want my words to be confined by melodies all the time.”


“With [Natural Causes] I felt a little less pressure than last time. I think the expectation level that I had for myself and that people had for me was so high the first time around ‘cause it was coming off the songs I did with Eminem and Dre,” Skylar lamented. “This time I felt a little more relaxed coming into it so I think creatively I was able to do something that was more free and the result is a sound that I feel like I’ve really been striving for four years and I finally found it.


‘Picture Perfect’ is a good example of that sound. It’s my favorite song on the album. It combines my favorite elements of my favorite artists and puts it all into one. My favorite artists are Bon Iver, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead and the song has that Bon Iver style vocal layering and harmonic structure but then a hip hop beat is underneath it, and I’m also rapping on it a little bit, so it’s kind of a cool genre-blending song but all my favorite aspects of these genres.”