Southpawer iOS & Android Free App Available Now via EminemPro!


The EminemPRO app for iOS and Android is not designed just for reading news about Eminem. This is a real «Stan’s fan center». It´s a map of our project, Eminem’s creative activity and Shady Records artists. The EminemPRO iOS and Android app of Southpawer will become your main source of the latest news about Eminem and Shady Records artists. Now you won´t miss your favorite artists’ birthdays, new concerts or any other events and shows related to Shady Records label and its people.


Everywhere: on the street, in the subway, on the bus, on the train or on the plane – the EminemPRO of Southpawer will be always with you. And, as always, everything is represented in its best view and you will have only high quality content!


In our new application we combined all parts of the Eminem.Pro project and EJ magazine. We designed for you the most functional and easy to use application, where you can not only timely get and read the latest news about Eminem, but also get access to all EJ magazine issues. Along with the beta testers group we carried out a lot of testings and achieved an incredibly high usability and responsive interface.


English-speaking users will be particularly pleased with this update! Because now the English-language news feed is formed by Southpawer project.


The current release is preparatory. In the future we will expand the functionality of our application. You are gonna be amazed! Don’t miss! Stay tuned!


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