Eminem is sharing his sentiments about Curtis Hanson – the director of the 2002 semi-autobiographical film, 8 Mile – who died Tuesday at the age of 71.


“Curtis Hanson believed in me and our crazy idea to make a rap battle movie set in Detroit. He basically made me into an actor for 8 Mile. I’m lucky I got to know him,” Eminem said in a statement to Billboard.


Hanson won a screenwriting Oscar for L.A. Confidential and directed the psychological thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. He was declared dead by paramedics late Tuesday afternoon at his Hollywood Hills home, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, who said he died of “natural causes.”


Below is the video of behind the scenes of the movie 8 Mile, where you can watch how Eminem and Curtis worked together. Rest In Peace Curtis Hanson…