Today, 16 Years Ago, Eminem Released “The Way I Am”



On this day, exactly 16 years ago (September 7, 2000) Eminem released “The Way I Am” as the second single off The Marshall Mathers LP. It is also featured on his 2005 compilation album, Curtain Call: The Hits. 


It features the first beat Eminem produced on his own, featuring an ominous bass line, a piano loop, and chimes. In the song, Eminem lashes out at people he feels are putting too much pressure on him, including overzealous fans and record executives expecting him to top the success of his hit single “My Name Is”, though in fact he went on to do so with “The Real Slim Shady,” as well as other songs.


The song received positive reviews from critics and it was named the 35th Best Song of the decade by the Complex magazine.


“The Way I Am” debuted in Top 100 songs chart in 15 different countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Ireland.