5 Best Eminem Remixes (Listed by Billboard)



Over the years, Eminem has rewarded fans with a catalog full of hard-hitting, oftentimes raunchy raps and rhymes. He’s recently been spotted more as a collaborator than a solo show-stopper, working with Skylar Grey on her upcoming album and joining Drake onstage in Detroit last month, where Drizzy referred to him as “the greatest rapper that ever get on a motherfucking microphone.”


So while Marshall Mathers has been keeping the lid on new material in the works, he’s keeping busy. And in the meantime, these remixes make his old hits feel fresh and new. Listen to five of the best Eminem remixes below.


“Lose Yourself” (Offset Noize & Stravy Remix)

This remix starts off slow, with nothing but a repetitive beat underlying Eminem’s raps — though any trace of the original track is stripped away at the one-minutemark and replaced with a fusion of techno-influenced beats.



“Love the Way You Lie” feat. Rihanna (Wumbaloo Remix)

By the time Rihanna’s opening verse ends and Eminem steps in, this remix has completely deconstructed into a melted medley of beats. The original melody is intact, though little else remains — in a good way.



“Without Me” (Nysveen Remix)

This jazz-infused remix takes a moment to sink it, but once it does, it’s nothing but smooth sailing. While Eminem’s raps contrast the island-inspired beats, the blending of two vastly different sounds delivers a refreshing track.



“Cleaning Out My Closet” (Idiaz Remix)

Unlike most racing remixes, this one slows things down — allowing the affecting lyrics to take a front seat. Synth-heavy production serves as the backbone for this re-imagined track, resulting in an even denser version than the original.



“Business” feat. Notorious B.I.G. (An Broski & Bigg Kid Remix)

This remix builds in both layers and intensity as each minute goes on. The result is a heavy track pumped with various production components that all come together to deliver one polished product.




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