New Interview – Redman: “Eminem Is One of My Top Rappers”



Redman spoke about working with Eminem on “Off The Wall” in 2000 for the “Nutty Professor 2” soundtrack, which sparked a friendship between the veteran rappers. The Newark-born rapper explained that he flew to Detroit to brainstorm and write the track at Eminem’s studio, a process that Redman admitted isn’t something that happens today.


When asked if he overshadowed Eminem, or vice versa, on the track, Redman said that they each held their own and let their respective styles shine. Redman added that he was very pleased with the outcome of the record, but he and Eminem never went on to record other tracks in the future. Redman told DJ Vlad that if he needed Eminem to record anything with him, the Detroit rapper wouldn’t hesitate to come to his aid.


During the conversation, Redman also addressed a rumor about him turning down a meeting with Dr. Dre because he was tired from a flight. He explained that there’s more to the story, including the fact that he flew across the country with no sleep, and Redman said that he always wants to be sharp when he’s meeting with Dr. Dre.


Redman then went to name Eminem as one of his top MCs:

“Eminem is one of my top. A lot of people were mad at me for saying that but yeah I can say that because not cultural related or race related, it’s because I like his work ethics. Album for album, he was banging. I don’t care about Grammys, I don’t care about all awards he won. His dedication to hard work, his seriousness on every album, very competitive. His fucking first six albums, he was dropping them bitches. Maybe one of them not as popular as the next one but it still did numbers. Yes white race support him more! Yes he’s white, yes! But is he nice? YES ! Did he get respect by Black Culture or any other culture, Chinese, Mexican? YES. Cause he’s nice! So yes he’s one of my top, just like I am his” 


As you know Eminem names Redman as top MC in his song “Till I Collapse.”


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