New Interview: Daylyt Says He Got a Song with Eminem in His Next Album



One of the most controversial and entertaining battlers of this era Daylyt recently set down with Sway In The Morning where he talked about Eminem:


“My relationship with Eminem is weird. Because he’s like the weirdest person in the world. He doesn’t talk but he talk a lot, it’s weird… So after the Total Slaughter reality show, you gotta think this is the greatest rapper on the planet, he doesn’t give a fuck about you nigga’s lyrics, you don’t impress him. So I had this in mind the whole time. Eminem said in trailer, he was like ‘I wanna see some dope raps, I wanna see something crazy,’ I had that in my mind the whole time, I was like ‘Yo, what Eminem would do in the moment like this?’ He would show his fucking ass. Literally. So when I got to that big moment I’m like ‘Yo, I know Eminem’s gonna watch this, I want this motherfucker to crack-up dying.’ After that I got the call and it was like ‘Yo, here is a gift for you,’ and I didn’t know what it was. I download the wave and it was just random hook and I was like ‘Oh shit, OKAY. I replied to the email but nobody replied back, then I was like ‘What the fuck I thought we had some kind of friendship’ [Laughs]. He had zero conenction… It was like here nigga take it, now get the fuck out of here. I hit the DM on twitter, on Instagram but nobody replied , then I was like just gotta be happy with what I got.” 


Watch the full interview below, talking about Eminem starts at 24:30: