Skylar Grey Talks How Eminem Influenced Her Upcoming Album “Natural Causes”



When describing her second full-length album Natural Causes [KidinaKorner/Interscope Records], Skylar Grey cites a quote from Robert Redford, “This place in the mountains amid nature’s casualness toward death and birth is the perfect host for the inspiration of ideas.”


Writing and recording much of the album at her Park City, UT home, which she calls Grizzly Manor Studios, the five-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist breathed inspiration from her surroundings and exhaled songs that speak to the magic and majesty of nature.


“Instead of having a rapper jump on these songs, I wanted to do my own rapping,” Skylar says. “It’s a totally new realm for me, because I was so scared of attempting to rap a few years ago. I sent my first rap to the best person I could send it to for approval: Eminem. His endorsement gave me confidence to keep going. I had to do this for me. How will you grow if you’re always in your comfort zone?”


Elsewhere on the album, “Straight Shooter” blasts out a sing-rap bounce through skittering production, while “Jump” sees her breathy voice entwine with a tribal chant and tripped-out delay. Continuing a long history of collaboration, Eminem produced “Come Up for Air.” Over a jazzy noir shuffle of drums by Questlove and a bass guitar hum, her stark and stirring vocal and poetic lyrics instantly captivate. “Marshall gave me a lot of great feedback, so I rewrote the lyrics like three times, but I finally got to a place where we both really love it,” she continues. “Lyrically, it’s coming from a darker place. It’s about loving somebody so much you’ll wait your whole life for that person even if it means you die waiting. That’s the power of real love. It can hurt.”


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