New Interview: Lil Wayne Talks About Eminem



Lil Wayne stopped by New Orleans radio station Q93 today for an exclusive interview where he talked about many things, including Eminem. Weezy says:

“It’s so easy to make BOMB hit these days, anybody can become somebody… You are actually not somebody, don’t get me wrong but you are not doing what we were doing, people are like ‘I have done’, but you are not! you’re not and you are not and you’re not! I respect because you tried, I respect the effort and I respect the enthusiasm. I remember when we were coming out [it was different], Take Eminem. He ain’t gonna do nothing but give you his song and after that, he ’bout to throw on a hoodie and some sweatpants and it’s gonna be hard to even get a word out of him. People gravitated towards that. He will tell you I’m this and I’m that, that would be the masterpiece, but nowadays everything is different and easy [because of social media]…” 

You can listen to the interview below: