Anderson .Paak: “‘Medicine Man’ was the last song to make in ‘Compton’ album, it almost didn’t”


Meeting Dr. Dre is a rarity theses days, especially for aspiring artists. Before Anderson .Paak landed on the cover of 2016’s XXL Freshman issue, he says he received a call from DJ Dahi to work on some music for Dr. Dre’s project. .Paak says he thought meeting the famed producer seemed so far fetched that he buried the idea in the back of his mind. However, once in the studio, people started buzzing about his song “Suede” and suggested that they let Dr. Dre listen to it. Once Dre heard it—after several replays—he began working with .Paak, which ultimately landed him on six songs on the Compton album alongside, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Ice Cube to name a few.

.Paak says:

“Medicine Man almost didn’t make it, that was one of those last songs to make in the album…It went through different phases. There was a chance that it wasn’t going to make it, Dre didn’t like some part of the songs, I think it was bridge or something and then Dem Jointz, who produced it, called me and said ‘Yo Dre loves the song other than this part so can you come in and do something.’ Eminem was not already on it. And then they were like we want this one to sent to Eminem but we wanted to make sure it’s right first. So Dre put his verse on it and now they were looking at me to fill this bridge part… I did something and put it on it and after that they sent it to Em. Em really liked the whole song, every part about it. Then he did the verse and sent it back and then I think when they sent back the song, they had to completely restructure the beat around Em’s verse cause it was so crazy, so Dre was like ‘I wanna restructure the beat, like a Movie switches when Em’s verse comes in’ So we build around Em’s verse and move around his verse and that’s how it ended up. Eminem’s verse was nuts.” 

Watch the interview from 5:26 below: