Worst Eminem Songs Since 2010



Don’t get us wrong! We love everything Eminem puts out, even if it’s widely considered as “weak shit.” But let’s be honest, some of his features (since 2010) was not that good we all wanted it to be. We’re still bumping them but they definitely are not one of Eminem’s best works. Please check the list of “Worst Eminem Songs Since 2010” below and gives us your opinion in the comments:


Rihanna – Numb ft. Eminem (2012)

The song is off Rihanna’s solo album Unapologetic and samples a line from Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothin. Definitely not as good as we expected.


Pink – Here Comes The Weekend ft. Eminem (2012)

The song is second duet from P!nk and Eminem (after Won’t Back Down). This time for P!nk’s album “The Truth About Love.” It’s okay…


Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride ft. Eminem (2012)

The song is off Skylar Grey’s solo album Don’t Look Down, which is executive produced by Eminem. In the song Skylar Grey and Eminem are making fun of overly sexy pop music. Well, it’s funny…


Slaughterhouse – Throw That ft. Eminem (2012)

Eminem assists Slaughterhouse in their fifth and final single off their first studio album under Shady Records, “Welcome to: OUR HOUSE.” Em doesn’t have the verse and in the chorus he raps: “I’ll throw this, I’ll throw this dick on you, girl.” Em c’mon, really?!


Eminem – Die Alone ft. Kobe (2014)

It looks like a love song. Die Alone isn’t directly “about” Kim Mathers. The track serves as an internal monologue by Eminem about the struggles he’s faced since their relationship ended. The song consists of three verses with three stages of a loss. Okay…that’s sad.


Eminem – Stronger Than I was (2013)

This sympathetic song provides an insight into Eminem’s relationship with ex-wife Kim, and how he apologizes for acting how he did towards her particularly on The Marshall Mathers LP 1. It’s the polar opposite of the track “Kim” from the original MMLP. Eminem sings in the most part of the song. Third verse was great! But the rest…At least he tried to sing.


Eminem – Right For Me 

In this 5 minute lyrical spectacle, Eminem brings back his horror-core side with many signature extended metaphors, insane flows and rhymes that made him a house hold name. But there is one problem here. Em seems to be rapping off beat and the lyrics does not fit to that instrumental. Looks like the track was created in a rush. Shout out to Luis Resto for amazing production, though.