‘Prison Break’ Actor Dominic Purcell Is Fan of Eminem’s Music


Dominic Purcell, who plays Lincoln Burrows in “Prison Break,” was recently in news owing to the fatal accident he met with on the set of the fifth season of the show. However, the hunky actor managed to recover from the severe injuries within days and is back to the sets.

Purcell’s social media posts speak volumes about his strong will power that helped him recover at such fast pace. However, his recent Instagram post has revealed an interesting detail about him. Purcell is a part of the ever-growing bandwagon of “Rap God” Eminem’s Stan. Purcell recently shared the rapper’s photo on Instagram, tagging him in the photo.

Eminem’s photo shared by Purcell had a few lines from the lyrics of Eminem’s hit track “Almost Famous.”

“You dream of trading places, I have been changing faces. You can not fill these shoes, There is too much to lose,” read the lines from Eminem’s “Almost Famous.”