New Interview: Royce 5’9″ Talks Meeting Eminem, His First Stage Name, Em Attacking People & More



Royce Da 5’9″ has recently set down with VLAD for an interview where he talked about his early stage name, meeting Eminem, falling out and much more.

Royce Da 5’9″ says his stage name was based off of his height and the R emblem he wore on his chain resembled the Rolls Royce signature emblem, however, prior to being dubbed the infamous name in high school, he says he went by the name R Dog, which didn’t even last a year.

During the conversation Royce also spoke about meeting Eminem in 1997 at a Usher concert. He also spoke about Em’s “short fuse” and his temper flaring at times during the beginning of his career. Royce also spoke about seeing him squaring up with people at shows.

“I met Marshall in ’97 at Usher concert. Marshall was at the venue and he was selling his Slim Shady EP. He heard me rhyming on stage, I was rhyming in front of a bunch of little girls and I kicked an acapella. I’l never forget. I was wearing bulletproof vest on me. I took the vest off. I’m standing shirtless in front of a bunch of little screaming girls and I kicked an acapella and the line that I’ll say that caught Marshall’s attention was “I’m iller than standing in front of a gorilla holding a banana.” For some reason that line was crazy. When I think about it now I think it’s pretty terrible but at that time when I first met Marshall the first thing he said was ‘Yooo did you just said I’m iller…” and we connected there. We started talking on the phone and talked about making music and we just figured out that we had a lot in common so when he signed his deal Dre wanted to use that song we made cause we made Bad Meets Evil almost as soon as we meet each other… The rest if pretty much of a history.”

Watch the full interview below: