New Interview: Nick Cannan Challenges Eminem for $100,000 Rap Battle, Says He’s Confident He’ll Win



Nick Connan set down with Tim Westwood to talk about his shows, Eminem, being single and more. Below is the conversation about what they are saying on Eminem:

Nick Connan: “I’m trying to find him [Eminem]. Where is he? I’ll bet $100,000. I want all Slaughterhouse too. Hop Hop needs this!”

Tim Westwood: “I don’t think you woould win against Eminem but you are the best in otherwise.” 

Nick Connan: “At least tell him to show up in the battle, show up to the match.”

Tim Westwood: “Maybe he’s running out of lyrics?!”

Nick Connan: “Ughhh, he’s one of the best to ever do it!”

Tim Westwood: “Maybe he’s running out of bars, he has no more stories to tell..”

Nick Connan: “Yeah he did it. Jay, Em all those cats did it. They reached the top.” 

Tim Westwood: “And that’s why they got nothing to say. They done it. They reached. They are sitting on the top of the mountain and looking down baby.”

Watch the full video interview below: