Archive: Dr. Dre – Topless ft. Eminem, Nas & T.I. (Download)



“Topless,” is produced by Dr. Dre and Dj Khalil and was originally written for Dre, T.I. and Slim The Mobster but in the second version of the song Eminem is rapping Dre’s part, showing him how to perform his lines, with the same chorus and Nas verse as the T.I. version.


The song was leaked in around 2009 and was believed to be in Dre’s promised-but-never-released Detox LP. Final version of the song features all of them together.


Unfortunately this unreleased track is the only song that features Eminem and Nas together and it is not even mastered. You can listen to “Topless” below:


If you want full version click follow below: