Eminem Anotates the Lyrics of Love The Way You Lie, Phenomenal, Berzerk & More


Finally! Some news about the Rap God !

Few hours ago, Eminem went on Genius to annotate the lyrics of “Phenomena,” “Love The Way You Lie,” “Shady XV,” “Berzerk,” and “Survival”. You can read all annotations below:

✦ About the song “Love The Way You Lie”:

“You should hear me do this song in accents….it’s WAAYY better.” – Eminem

✦ About the chorus of “Phenomenal”:

“Everyone said the chorus was wack to this song but I was just trying 2 be phenomenal and get my sing on.” – Eminem

✦ About the line “Let me self-empower you / When you’re down and they’re tryin’ to clown the fuck out of you / And you feel like you’re runnin’ out of fuel / I’ll show you how to use doubt as fuel / Convert it to gunpowder too” from “Phenomenal”:

“I don’t know why people have suggested I name my next album Empower or Empart…This has been said to me so many times over the years. If I were to name an album with such a stupid play on my name it obviously should be called Empanada…” – Eminem

✦ About the line “And I don’t mean Stimpy’s friend, bitch” from “Berzerk”: 

“I feel like this show doesn’t get enough love. It was funny as fuck and gross at the same time” – Eminem

✦ About the line “So baby, make just like K-Fed and let yourself go, let yourself go” from “Berzerk”:

“Everyone thought I meant “baby make” when I really meant “baby, make” I wish I would’ve thought of that…I’m not really that clever.” – Eminem

✦ About the line “Kangol’s and Carheartless Cargos” from “Berzerk”:

“One of my favorite lines in Superbad is when Seth says no one has got a hand job in cargo shorts since man, it’s probably true…”

✦ About the line “I can see why the fuck I disgust you / I must be allergic to failure, cause everytime I come close to it, I just sneeze but I just go atchoo then A-chieve!” from “Survival”:

“…meaning everytime I sneeze I’m blessed” – Eminem

✦ About the line “I slap Linda Ronstadt with a lobster, throw her off a balcony / Just so happens she’s fond of algae” from “Shady XV”: 

“Let’s say I’m writing, and I lock onto Linda Ronstadt. I’m in the studio and I chuckle. Someone hears me and is like, “What the fuck are you laughing at?” It’s because I thought of something funny that rhymes with something. I’m not gonna not say this, because it’s funny, regardless of whether or not it’s fucked up. If it happens to connect and there’s some kind of humor in it, some reason for it to rhyme with something else, then I’m going to say it.

When I’m pushing boundaries, I want to make sure that I keep myself in check. I want you to know that this rhyme might be fucked up or funny or not, or whatever. I’m aware of it and I know I’m probably fucked up for saying it.

I don’t think it’s any different than what comedians do. Have you ever seen Lisa Lampanelli? She takes the piss out of herself while she says these ridiculous things. You’re like, “That was fucked up,” and then she comes right behind it with some self-deprecating thing about herself. She’s figured out a way to weave certain things together that’s very clever.” – Eminem

Source: Genius.