Grafh is a mixtape veteran, but hasn’t been heard from much of late. The Queens rapper brought out the heavy artillery for his return though. Grafh gets some production from the legendary Pete Rock and a verse by Royce da 5’9″ for the new single “Wrong Ones.”

There’s no ring rust when it comes to Grafh as he puts up a solid performance on the cut. But not surprisingly, Royce da 5’9″ steals the show as he jumps in with some witty wordplay on the Pete Rock beat.

“Aside from being deadly/I work like I got more jobs than the Hedleys/In Living Color, there’s millions of us/Wayan from the AM to the PM like Damon and Keenan/Playing arenas like Ringling Brothers/But ain’t no clowning and circus action/I’m just surgical with the rachet tryna get perfect as a murder practice/Every noun a knife and verb a cactus/I tuck these flows away in my tuxedos like urban magic,” Royce raps.

Also check the new freestyle from Royce below: