New Interview – LL Cool J: “Eminem did his thing. The world has been waiting for that, it’s coming”


LL Cool J did an exclusive inteview with XXL where he talked about his new album, Dr Dre and the collaborative song with Eminem. LL says:

Eminem actually did his vocals and everything. It really happened,I want the overall project to be good. Em is my man and I love him. He’s also a friend of mine, so we’ll definitely get it poppin’. The world has been waiting for that. They’ll get it the right way and it’s gonna be amazing. People should just gear up for this project. Quote me on the things I said about it, and hold me accountable when I deliver it.”

“I went to the studio to see my man Pooh and hang out with Dre and Preemo. One thing lead to another and they were like, ‘Yo, you wanna do a drop?’ I was like, ‘Nah, let me spit something’; Dre went and grabbed the titanium laptop. He pressed play and the rest is history. I grabbed the pen and pad and did it right there. That’s what it’s about.”

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