New Interview: Royce Da 5’9″ Talks “Layers”, Meeting Eminem, Sobriety & More


Royce Da 5’9″ has recently set down with XXL Magazine for an exclusive interview, discussing his upcoming album Layers, meeting Eminem, Flit water crisis, sobriety and more:

The album is called Layers. What are some of the layers fans can expect from you on the album?

I’ll be peeling back all of them. One of my layers is PRhyme, another is Slaughterhouse, another is Bad Meets Evil. All of these different styles and sides of my creativity come out in different ways and different groups, and this is basically me peeling back all the layers and giving you every side of me as Royce da 5’9” the solo artist in 2016. This is the complete artist.

Layers is executive produced by you and Denaun Porter. What made you go with Denaun? 

Well, I was working alongside a lot of producers and there’s something about when me and Porter get together, it’s a chemistry there that I don’t have with a lot of other producers. Even when I’m putting on my producer hat and there are certain ideas I have about music in between songs, he’s one of the people that can bring it to life because he’s so like-minded. It’s a certain comfort zone that I have when I’m working with him, so I figured if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So he was in L.A. and I asked him to fly home and help me finish off the album because I still needed to work on sequencing and lining everything up. And we ended up recording actually a whole new song and he helped me do all the sequencing, so if I got someone who’ll do that for me I gotta put ‘em to good use.

You mentioned playing Layers for some people. Have you played Eminem the album?

I haven’t had a chance to play him this album. I played him some of my other album, but not this one because I’ve been real busy running around, doing a lot of traveling. He’s been traveling. We normally travel together because I’m usually in his traveling party but I haven’t been able to travel with him the last couple times he’s left Detroit, so I haven’t really got a chance to see him and play it for him.

I know you and your manager Kino go back a long time, and Kino was actually the one who introduced you to Eminem right? 

Yup, Kino introduced us. We were at the show and I was performing on stage and Marshall was at the show. He had his Slim Shady EP that he was selling at the show. He had a booth set up. And we all knew who Eminem was, he was making a lot of noise lyrically. Everybody in the hip-hop scene knew who he was.

So Kino was talking to him and when I got off stage Kino was like, “Let me introduce you. This is Eminem.” So I was like, “Waddup, man? How you doing? I like your shit.” And he was like, “Dog. Did you just say, ‘I’m iller than standing in front of a gorilla holding a banana’?” [Laughs] That’s a line that I said when I was on stage, I said it a cappella. I was on my Canibus shit back then [laughs]. So I was like “Yeah” and he was like, “Yo, man, that’s fucking ill.” I was like, “Thanks, man.”

So we ended up getting on the phone, having some conversations and that led to getting in the studio in Detroit and recording this song called “Bad Meets Evil.” When he eventually signed his deal with Dre, he reached back out to me because he wanted to put that song on his first album. So when I flew out to L.A. to re-record the vocals, that’s when we got like super tight.

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