Scott Storch Says Dr. Dre Is Working in the Studio and Is Coming Out With Crazy Sh*t


In the new interview with VLADTV, Scott Storch, opened up about how he met Dr. Dre and working on some of his hits such as, “Still Dre” and “Big Ego’s.” Although Storch admits, initially, Dre wouldn’t let him leave after playing the piano for him during their first meeting, he revealed his drug abuse led to their fallout toward the end of their working relationship. “I burnt a lot of bridges with my drug use and pissed a lot of people off.” He also says that Compton was a side project and Dre’s real album is on the way: 

“Compton, That’s not the third collage album, that’s a soundtrack, that’s a side project. His pre-project. That was a movie soundtrack. I know he is right now, currently working in the studio. I’m sure he’s coming out with some crazy shit” 

Listen to the interview from 4:30