New Interview: Devon Sawa Says He’s Still Eminem’s Biggest Fan


Actor Devon Sawa, who played Eminem’s biggest (and most obsessive) fan in “Stan” music video, has recently set down with SNIP magazine for an exclusive interview, where he talked about Eminem: 

Interviewer: You famously played Eminem’s biggest fan, Stan. Do you listen to him on your own time?
Devon Sawa: I love him. I buy all of his CDs. [Playing Stan is] still one of the best things I’ve done. I remember I had to beg and plead with my agents to let me do it, ’cause at the time Eminem wasn’t quite Eminem yet when we did the video. So for me to come off of Final Destination and go right on to a music video for an unknown white rapper, was a really hard sell. But Dre was directing it, and it was one of the best three-day experiences I’ve ever done. Dre is the smartest dude. And then of course Eminem and D12 were there — it was pretty bizarre.