New Interview: Royce Da 5’9″ Says Eminem Is Busy In The Studio Doing Something, Talks PRyme 2 & More

Interviewer: Who were your greatest influences in hip hop?
Royce: I got influences on different level. I’m lyrically influenced by some people and I got people who influenced my in business. Jay Z is always gonna be inspiration to me, number one, because I grew up listening to him… Marshall of course, my man, Eminem. I’m always inspired by him lyrically and from the business perspective…King Los really inspires me lyrically. I like a lot of battle rappers…I’m inspired by Drake, Kendrick, J. Cole and those juggernauts.

Interviewer: Is there gonna be another PRhyme album?
Royce: Definitely, me and Preemo actually going in in April.

Interviewer: Will you ever do track with Eminem?
Royce: I would love to. The only place I can see that kind of track exists is on Bad Meets Evil album.

Interviewer: What’s up with Bad Meets Evil album?
Royce: I would love to. It’s just a time and thing. Marshall has been in the studio and not really responsive. I hit him up and he is not calling me back as quick as he used to. Which tells me and indicates he’s busy doing something. I don’t know what it is. You will never know that guy.

Listen to the full interview below: