Dominic Monaghan Talks How He Landed Role In “Love The Way You Lie,” Calls Eminem Greatest


During a recent interview with TheWrap, The Lord Of The Rings’ star Dominic Monaghan talked about how he ended up a role in Eminem‘s 2010 hit, Love The Way You Lie (featuring Rihanna), and revealed that he is huge Eminem fan: 

“I was friends with the director. He and I were trying to put a movie together for three or four years, and we became good friends and hung out a lot, and we’d spend time together just artistically talking about the film.”

“He knew that I was an Eminem fan because he’d worked with Eminem before on ‘The Real Slim Shady’ video. He called me up one day and just said, ‘Hey do you want to be in this Eminem video that I’m doing?’” And I was like, ‘Yeah, of course I do, he’s arguably the greatest rapper of all time.'”

“It’s a great song and it’s a cool video as well. The cool thing was Eminem had to sign off on it — he had to sign off on me. I found out from the director that Eminem described me as ‘dirty,’ which I think is a compliment when it comes from Marshall.”

“I only did that video so I could meet Eminem, that was the only reason. I hardly got paid any money, it was a very short shoot. Interscope flew me to Detroit and I got a chance to see him and Jay Z in concert.”

Love The Way You Lie has already passed 1 Billion views on Vevo and is 3 millions shy of 1 Billion on Youtube: 


Dominic has recently done Reddit Q&A where he said he’s huge Eminem fan: