HipHopDX Names Eminem’s “The Slim Shady LP” One Of The Most Overrated Albums Of 90s


HipHopDX reports: “First thing’s first: despite what heated message board debates will make you think, “overrated” and “wack” aren’t the same thing. All of the albums in this list are good, or even great. But when we say that these are overrated, we mean that the Hip Hop head consensus of them is higher than what the music actually delivered.” 

DX  included Eminem‘s “The Slim Shady LP” in their list of most overrated albums from the 90s, saying: 

Eminem blew the rap world open with The Slim Shady LP, using his mix of humor, self-deprecation, and demented storytelling to become one of rap’s instant stars. The rhymes still hold up, and it’s easy to see what made Dr. Dre so confident in making Em his new franchise player. But the lyrical brilliance and shock value overshadow a weakness that juts out even years later: the production. The beats by the Bass Brothers, who produced 11 of the album’s 14 songs, are bland and forgettable compared to the electricity Eminem brought to the mic. Dr. Dre’s legendary ear was clearer on Em’s future albums—whether producing half of the songs himself like on Marshall Mathers LP, picking better beats from Bass Brothers, or showing Eminem the ropes to produce his own work on The Eminem Show. But despite its flaws, Slim Shady LP’s role in rap and pop culture is indisputable.

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