Empire Lists “The Best Cameos In 2015”, Eminem & 50 Cent Made In To The List


Empire Online reports:  They might only have a brief amount of screen time, but they made an impact on us. From people such as Eminem and 50 Cent playing themselves to clever nods and winks at other films from the Pixar team, it was a good year for the eagle-eyed to spot famous faces stealing scenes. Here are a few of our favourites:

The Interview 

Low-IQ chat show host Dave Skylark (James Franco) is famous for getting a lot out of his celebrity interviews: witness Rob Lowe admitting that he’s been bald for years and hiding his shiny bonce under a sophisticated wig. But even he couldn’t predict that Marshall Bruce Mathers III would open up and admit that he’s gay. Slipping it into a discussion of where his lyrics come from – his fears, mostly – he stops Dave and his team in their tracks with a bombshell. “Push in on gay Eminem,” squawks producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen), “this is the greatest moment in gay history!”

50 Cent 


The rapper, who has been trying to forge his own acting path for a while now, shows up as himself performing a concert near the end of the film. He’s mostly seen alongside Miranda Hart’s Nancy and things don’t start off on the right foot… “He was really just game for everything, which was lucky because the first scene I had was to tackle him to the ground,” Hart told People. “He was great. He was fun. It was extraordinary. You don’t think some middle-class girl from England will ever meet 50 Cent.” No. No, you do not.


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