New Interview: Jason Whitlock Compares Christian McCaffrey To Eminem

eminem- Christian-McCaffrey

In a recent interview Jason Whitlock says Christian McCaffrey will not win the Heisman Of The Year and to defend his argument he went to compare McCaffrey to Eminem:

“He is EminemEminem had to put out a lot of good music before people were comfortable going, ‘Man, he’s the best rapper.’ He had to do a lot before people were comfortable saying that. At the beginning people thought ‘ah he is another Vanilla Ice, he is just another guy.’ He had to put out a lot of stuff before people were like, ‘ah man, he’s on the same level as Biggie and Pac.’ So Christian McCaffrey has to put out a little bit more work before people are comfortable to say ‘he’s really really good, this is not a fluke”

Watch the interview below (at 01:35)