New Interview: 50 Cent Talks Christmas Gifts For Eminem, Ja Rule, Jake Gyllenhaal & Donald Trump


New York Post has recently caught up with 50 Cent to find out what kind of Christmas gifts he would give to Eminem, Ja Rule, Jake Gyllenhaal, Donald Trump a his son: 

“I’d buy him Nikes. He likes Air Max in particular. But it would have to be an exclusive, not just something you can buy at the Nike store.”

Ja Rule 
“I would get him two front teeth!”

Jake Gyllenhaal 
“Champagne. It would be the best bottle of Champagne. Imported. I would want him to taste the best stuff out there. I can’t send him sparkling wine.”

Donald Trump 
“I’d buy him something really basic, because I bet he [wouldn’t] have it. Something like a rotisserie chicken oven. It wouldn’t be expensive, but it would be useful. I can imagine him eating [chicken] and thinking it was better than the food he was having before. Sometimes the basic gifts are the best!”

His Son
“That’s easy: toys. He likes cars especially. You can’t go wrong with that.”